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AutoCharge Smart Plus Motors Smart Charger

AutoCharge Smart Plus Motors Smart Charger

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The smart car charger is an advanced device designed to charge, maintain and extend the life of your vehicle's battery.

It has an intelligent digital display showing important data such as voltage, temperature, charging process, reverse connection status, repair status and battery power, in addition to various protections to ensure the safety and protection of the battery during the charging process. .


  • Multiple selectable modes such as car, AGM/GEL, motorcycle and repair
  • Suitable for 12V lead-acid batteries with a capacity range of 4AH to 100AH ​​(Maximum 200Ah). Batteries such as AGM, GEL, MF, SLA AND VRLA.
  • Includes protection against overvoltage, reverse connection, short circuit, overcurrent, overheating and low voltage
  • Winter and summer mode
  • Automatically detects the outside temperature to select the appropriate voltage and mode
  • Voltage and electricity detection without connecting the power supply, once charging is completed, it will automatically stop to protect the battery


  • We recommend that you check if your vehicle's battery is within the appropriate range.
  • It is not recommended to charge lithium batteries


  • Input Voltage: AC 100-240v
  • Output Voltage: DC 13.8-15.5V
  • Current: 12V/6AV
  • Yellow color

Additional Information

  • 1 year warranty
  • Shipping free to all of Mexico
  • Personalized help available through our customer service
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Smart Digital Screen

Data is automatically displayed such as current, voltage, temperature, among others.

Multiple Intelligent Protection

It has multiple protections against overvoltage, reverse connection, short circuits, overcurrent, among others.

Automatic Temperature Detection

The charger can automatically detect the outside temperature.

Charging Mode Change

Automatically selects winter or summer mode, as well as the appropriate charging voltage.

Safety of Use

It can detect the voltage and remaining electricity of the battery without connecting the power supply.


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