¿Cómo elegir una cubierta para la caja de tu camioneta?

How to choose a cover for your truck bed?

Let's talk about pickup bed covers. Many people call them tonneau covers, pronounced "tahn-no," but the more current (and easier to pronounce!) term is truck bed cover. But where does the word "tonneau" come from?

In the early 20th century, passenger cars had a barrel-shaped rear section called a tonneau, which is French for barrel or cask. A removable cover was designed to protect that area from rain and the elements; hence the name tonneau cover.

The term resurfaced years later, when it came to be applied to truck bed covers. In the 1980s, snap-on soft covers became fashionable. They did the job, but were difficult to use.

Fast forward to today. Tonneau covers have come a long way from those uncomfortable versions. Innovations in design and materials have paved the way for a whole new generation of truck bed covers.

Keeping pace with truck manufacturers in the use of aluminum and advanced composition techniques, current generation covers are now easy to use while offering vastly superior safety and weather protection. And with numerous modern designs available, from matte black to matching paint, there are enough options to satisfy everyone's unique tastes.

Benefits of all truck bed covers

  • Weather protection. No matter what Mother Nature brings; Rain, Snow or Dust, the covers keep the elements out.
  • Security. Keep your items safe and secure by closing the truck bed cover.
  • Keeps cargo in your truck. Covers keep your items where they belong.
  • Improved appearance. From a fine gloss to a matte black, there is a case to suit everyone's needs.
  • Expanded capabilities. Take your adventures to the road by adding a roof rack to your truck bed cover's rail system.
  • When you need it. With the ability to keep your items secure but with the means to access the entire bed of your truck when you need to transport a large load.
  • Easy to use. They roll up and fold with a simple movement of the wrist.

Basic differences

Truck bed covers can basically be divided into two types: soft covers and hard covers. The material used for the soft covers is industrial strength vinyl, which makes them seamless and lightweight.

Hard covers use rigid materials, such as aluminum, and offer an additional layer of security for tools and other valuables.

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